Being a retired commercial photographer based in the West Country, I’ve returned to academia initially part-time as an adult learner, to carry out research as a visual practitioner.

As this journey moves forward in an academic environment, which has ventured into a 2-year full-time Foundation Degree in Media Production, which had added both video, and audio, practical and academic skill sets to my portfolio.

Now, some three years later, I’m in the last year of a BA in Photography at university, with the intentions, to enrol onto a PGCE and then MA and then you never know maybe a PhD in Photography.

So what’s here and what am I’m all about? This website is for my academic visual narrative projects, visually researching conflict, families and the environmental landscape. The majority of photography or re-photography is carried out in analog, medium or large formats.

Shooting still images on film, 35mm,  medium and large format are my priority, I still embrace digital photography, where the device is a tool, like a spanner (wrench) is to a car mechanic, a tool to fulfil the job.

My content has no strings attached: this website is advert free, and ads have been disabled within my videos to help with the viewing experience, so I rely entirely on the support of my grants and viewers. All I ask is if you enjoy this content, please return the favour by telling a friend, subscribing to my email newsletter, and considering a voluntary contribution to help support this research.

If you would like to contribute, you can subscribe via my Shop and cancel any subscription at any point. The “One Time Donation” will take you to a page where you can enter any amount you wish for a one-time donation.

If you love what you see, you can buy my work, in print, all personally signed (maximum quantity issued, any size, analog 30, digital 50, photo book 50).

Thank you for helping me to do what I love, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. You’re the best.